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The analysis- and testing environment for CAN (FD), LIN and Automotive Ethernet












CanEasy is a Windows-based development tool that can be seamlessly integrated into any existing tool chain. It is easy to use without programming knowledge, highly automated and expandable with the help of plug-ins.
This tool not only facilitates software development, testing, diagnosis and analysis. Development teams also benefit from its efficiency and ease of use.
CanEasy can be used in the following areas:





•  Intuitive usage


•  Efficient & highly automated


•  Flexibly configurable


•  Wide range of functions


•  Compatible with Vector


•  Supports a variety of hardware adapters


•  Attractive prices & flexible licence model


•  Maintenance & support

User Interface

  • Attractive graphical RichPanels
  • Database editors
  • Automatically generated panels


  • Integration of any framework (robot framework, Matlab/Simulink)
  • Programming of dynamic processes
  • Scheduler for creating sequences

Residual bus simulation

  • Import of the communication matrix (DBC, ARMXL, LDF)
  • Simulation of non-existent control units
  • Support of various protocols (ISO-TP, UDS, KWP, XCP)
  • Signal modulations and arithmetic functions
  • Scheduler as LIN send controller


  • Recording and playback functions
  • Trigger and alarm functions
  • Bus load and analysis of cycle times
  • Plots for measuring signal values
  • Traces for the analysis of logs


  • Support of UDS, KWP2000 and XCP/CCP
  • Import of CDD, ODX, PDX, ELF, MAP and A2L files
  • Fault memory window
  • Reading and writing of ECU variables (via XCP and UDS)
  • Editing services and parameters


  • Import of complete CANoe configurations
  • Using CANoe Panels
  • Conversion of CAPL nodes as CanEasy plug-ins
  • Execution of CAPL test modules
  • Support of the file formats CFG, BLF, ASC, CAN, XVP, CNP


  • Extending the RichPanels with individual controls
  • Creation of user plug-ins in any programming language
  • Directly programmable in VBA and VSTA


  • Support of many various hardware adapters, e.g. Softing, IXXAT, Vector Informatik, National Instruments, etc.
Download our info materials as PDF file:
          Infobroschüre CanEasy
          Flyer RichPanels
          Flyer Diagnose
          Flyer ATS

Hardware adapters supported by CanEasy: