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The analysis- and testing environment for CAN (FD), LIN and Automotive Ethernet










Now with support for SOME/IP


"CanEasy - from developers for developers!"

CanEasy is a Windows-based development tool that can be seamlessly integrated into any existing toolchain.
With CanEasy real and simulated electronic control units [ECUs] communicate via different buses according to the communication matrix [residual bus simulation].
It supports UDS and XCP/CCP diagnostic functions and the reading of CDD, ODX/PDX, ELF, A2L and MAP files.
Trace files such as ASC/LOG, MDF and BLF can be imported directly for analysis.
Due to the automatically generated panels, the high level of automation and programmability, CanEasy can be used very quickly and flexibly. It saves effort, time and costs compared to common development tools.

CanEasy is applicable in the following areas:





•  Intuitive usage


•  Efficient & highly automated


•  Flexibly configurable


•  Wide range of functions


•  Compatible with Vector


•  Supports a variety of hardware adapters


•  Attractive prices & flexible licence model


•  Maintenance & support

User Interface

  • Attractive graphical RichPanels
  • Database editors
  • Automatically generated panels


  • Integration of any framework (robot framework, Matlab/Simulink)
  • Programming of dynamic processes
  • Scheduler for creating sequences

Residual bus simulation

  • Import of the communication matrix (DBC, ARMXL, LDF)
  • Simulation of non-existent control units
  • Support of various protocols (ISO-TP, UDS, KWP, XCP)
  • Signal modulations and arithmetic functions
  • Scheduler as LIN send controller


  • Recording and playback functions
  • Trigger and alarm functions
  • Bus load and analysis of cycle times
  • Plots for measuring signal values
  • Traces for the analysis of logs


  • Support of UDS, KWP2000 and XCP/CCP
  • Import of CDD, ODX, PDX, ELF, MAP and A2L files
  • Fault memory window
  • Reading and writing of ECU variables (via XCP and UDS)
  • Editing services and parameters


  • Import of complete CANoe configurations
  • Using CANoe Panels
  • Conversion of CAPL nodes as CanEasy plug-ins
  • Execution of CAPL test modules
  • Support of the file formats CFG, BLF, ASC, CAN, XVP, CNP


  • Extending the RichPanels with individual controls
  • Creation of user plug-ins in any programming language
  • Directly programmable in VBA and VSTA


  • Support of many various hardware adapters, e.g. Softing, IXXAT, Vector Informatik, National Instruments, etc.
Download our info materials as PDF file:
          Infobroschüre CanEasy
          Flyer RichPanels
          Flyer Diagnose
          Flyer ATS

Hardware adapters supported by CanEasy: