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The analysis- and testing environment for CAN (FD), LIN and Automotive Ethernet










NEW: MultiStudio for programming
          with Visual Studio Code

"CanEasy - from developers for developers!"

CanEasy is a Windows-based development tool that can be seamlessly integrated into any existing toolchain.
With CanEasy real and simulated electronic control units [ECUs] communicate via different buses according to the communication matrix [residual bus simulation].
It supports the protocols SOME/IP, DoIP, OBD2, UDS, XCP/CCP, J1939 and the reading of CDD, ODX/PDX, ELF, A2L and MAP files.
Trace files such as ASC/LOG, MDF, PCAP and BLF can be imported directly for analysis.
Due to the automatically generated panels, the high level of automation and programmability, CanEasy can be used very quickly and flexibly. It saves effort, time and costs compared to common development tools.

CanEasy is applicable in the following areas:





Intuitively operable

Efficient & highly automated

Flexible configurable

Extensive functions

Compatible to Vector

Supports a wide range of hardware adapters

Attractive prices & flexible licensing model

Maintenance & support

First steps with CanEasy

Get started right away with our help videos. We guide you step by step through all functions and application areas of CanEasy.

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