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CanEasy is available in four product editions - for purchase or as a rental model CanEasy on Demand.
You always get the range of functions you need for your work. To see which features are included in which edition, take a look at the feature list.
You will find our enquiry form further down the page.
Select a suitable edition:



The full program

CanEasy Professional  contains the full range of functions for simulation, test, diagnosis and analysis. Users can also create RichPanel Runtime workspaces.
Users: This edition is designed for developers with high requirements.


The alternative to the complete package

CanEasy Standard  represents a variant of the Professional Edition reduced to CanEasy's main functions. Although it does not include CANoe integration (CAPL), XCP, Automotive Ethernet and others, the options UDS Diagnostics and RichPanel Standard can be added individually.
Users: The Standard Edition is designed for developers who do not require the full range of functions of the Professional Edition for their work.


The entry into the CanEasy world

CanEasy Basic  is the entry into the automotive world: monitoring of the data traffic of a single bus and simple analysis as well as recording and playback functions can be implemented.
Users: The Basic Edition is ideal for e.g. testers with low requirements and it is available free of charge.


RichPanel Runtime

Graphically attractive workspace

With a  RichPanel Runtime,  only special workspaces created with a Professional license can be used. The advantage here is that a larger team can be equipped with Runtime workspaces at low cost. Changing the workspace is not possible in this edition.
Users: With this edition, you can work exclusively with RichPanels and an existing configuration, e.g. in test labs or workshops.

Select the licence type that suits you best:

Workstation licence

CanEasy may be installed on a computer and used only on this computer by arbitrary users.

USB dongle licence

The CanEasy licence is stored on a hardware key (e.g. USB stick) and can be used on any computer to which the key is connected.

Floating licence

CanEasy may be installed on any number of computers. However, the simultaneous use is limited to the number of purchased floating licences.

Education licence

The free licence for pupils, students and teachers (german: Schüler, Studenten und Lehrende) corresponds to the workstation licence. However, this licence is limited in time.
This type of licensing requires the user's first and last name.

Rental model CanEasy on Demand

Each edition is also available as a monthly subscription.

CanEasy on Demand

The first remaining bus simulation in a monthly subscription*

Test, analyze and simulate CAN and LIN bus environments quickly and easily: CanEasy on Demand is largely automated, can be easily configured and extended with plug-ins. You are immediately productive - as a developer, tester or during commissioning. CanEasy on Demand can be used throughout the entire development process.


Decide for the next project, not for every eventuality.

CanEasy on Demand protects you from expensive security decisions: Choose your tool according to current requirements, not because of any trends or eventualities. In the next project you decide again. But until then you save costs for function overkill, maintenance and upgrades.

As flexible as the cloud, as secure as you buy it

Install CanEasy on Demand as usual as an application on your computer. You can work at any time, no matter if you are online or offline. All you have to do is regularly connect to the licence server and confirm your subscription.

Always the right number of licenses

Subscriptions for CanEasy on Demand can be cancelled monthly. Before intensive project phases you increase the number of CanEasy workstations, then you reduce them just as quickly. Thus you react flexibly to each work load.

Always the latest version - no maintenance contract required

With CanEasy on Demand you always get the latest updates and upgrades. So you always stay up to date. Of course you don't have to update the software - you can use your version as long as you want.

Low acquisition costs, no capital commitment

Thanks to the rental model, acquisition costs and capital commitment for purchase licences are completely eliminated. You can get started right away - the first 30 days free of charge, then with your chosen subscription. For longer terms, you receive discounted rental prices.

Transparent prices, continuously billable

The fixed, monthly fees for CanEasy on Demand make your software costs transparent and predictable. This makes it easy to allocate these project budgets. Upgrades that have to be paid never exceed your budget anymore.


*The planned usage period must be specified when requesting a price.

For an individual offer please send us an inquiry with the following information:
  • required licence type
  • required edition
  • required number of licences

*Privacy policy


Important to know:

In addition to the purchase of a licence, you get a maintenance contract.

The maintenance contract is part of the CanEasy licences and enables us to continuously optimize CanEasy and to process your requests as quickly as possible (e.g. implementation of new features).

The maintenance contract always runs for a whole year from the date of purchase and costs you 15% of the license price additionally per license.

What advantages do you have?
  • Technical support
    Whether you have a question about CanEasy, report a problem or need help with the installation, we are here for you.
  • Integration & Project support
    In addition to technical support, we also assist our customers in integrating CanEasy into their project.
  • Upgrades are included in the price
    You will get all new features without extra charge.

The maintenance contract is automatically extended every year. However, it is also possible to terminate the contract within a cancellation period of 2 weeks.

But beware: After termination, you can still use the current CanEasy version and also update it, but when upgrading to a new version, the maintenance contract must be resumed and applied for retroactively.

Without a valid maintenance contract, unfortunately only Lv1 support can be guaranteed.

Levels of support:
  • Lv1: Support during installation or technical problems
  • Lv2 & Lv3: Request for new features, support for workspace creation, integration into customer project, etc.

The person responsible for the tool or the license has to register at the ServiceDesk. Users should also register and provide at least 2 of the following 3 data for each request: EID/ Key-ID/ Product-Key (you will receive these upon delivery).

This ensures faster allocation and processing of requests. In addition, you can directly check in the ServiceDesk for which release your request (e.g. new feature) is planned.