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Here you find all downloads of CanEasy. For already registered users with a valid licence, current updates of CanEasy are available here.
A detailed change log of the individual versions can be found in our version history.

Current Version:



CanEasy          Training material          Version history




  • Scheduler: Tables are no longer started automatically by default
  • Installer: The installer now sets default license for all users
  • Database: Modified flag behaviour fixed
  • DBC: Export of GenMsgSendType None fixed
  • BLF: Vector BLF files can now be imported


  • Test report now also as HTML file
  • Top-Most setting no longer automatically active on CANoePanels
  • Unsupported CAPL dlls for Ford are automatically removed
  • Fixed bug with empty CAPL files
  • Problems with multiple channels fixed
  • Interaction layer functions extended
  • Test functions TestWaitForMessage and TestCaseDescription are now supported


  • Search in the trace window
  • Display of UDS frames
  • New column for the sender of a message
  • Columns can be hidden
  • “Send to” function for messages received by a control unit
  • Variables can be filtered


  • Send button renamed to Read/Write
  • PDX Import improved
  • Corrected data type of SID for manually created services
  • Fault memory window can now also be opened from stack context menu
  • Fault memory window remembers last settings
  • Import of A2L files extended by missing variables and value tables
  • CCP protocol is now supported


  • Cursor for magnetic sample points
  • Multiple graphs now possible in one plot
  • Automatic change of the plot height when the window size is changed
  • Automatic adaptation of the Y-axis to the signal values
  • All properties can be edited using ListView attributes
  • New icons for cursor in toolbar
  • Display problems with very large signal values fixed
  • Zooming in Y-directions in the direction of the mouse cursor


  • Import extended by missing extended TP frames
  • Correction for Motorola start bit


  • Creating a test report via the COM-API
  • CAND-API for new database
  • TTCN3 Port + Example

Signal monitor

  • Fixed error when changing the color
  • Error when loading the decimal places fixed

Search window

  • Regular expressions are now supported
  • New flag to disable search in diagnostic data


  • Properties can now be changed in list view
  • Progress is available via Property


  • Schleissheimer Virtual IPC can now be used for communication with other CanEasy instances
  • When resetting the CAN adapter the queues are cleared
  • Support of National Instrument IO Adapter
  • Support of MIDI keyboards


  • Date corrected on export
  • Import of CAN-FD frames extended


  • Panels now running in separate process space
  • COM interface delivers events when opening and closing a panel
  • Executer button can now start schedule tables
  • Code can now also be exported
  • Various errors fixed



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If you have problems downloading the file, you can always contact the CanEasy support. For example, we would be happy to send you a version. Pupils, teachers and students can get a free, limited license beyond the test.
For more information about the licenses, please visit this page: Pricing - or contact