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Here you can find all downloads of CanEasy: The current version as well as a detailed change log of each version in our version history and training material that can help you get started.

Download the current version here:

CanEasy 6.0.8 (450MB)

including 30-day trial version

Now with support for SOME/IP dTLS, DoIP and macro recorder

NEW: Use CanEasy Basic* free of charge  and request directly here!

Just fill out the following form, download CanEasy and enter the license key from our mail. Voilá!

Further Information:


For a better start or if you have questions, you can take a look at our training documents:

Would you like to know what has changed in the current version?

Here you can access the version history →

If you have problems downloading the file, you can always contact the CanEasy support. For example, we would be happy to send you a version. Pupils, teachers and students can get a free, limited license beyond the test.
For more information about the licenses, please visit this page: Offer - or contact